Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Have No Right to Happiness

This article begins with a woman, Clare, who gives her view about a man’s right to happiness. Mr. A divorced Mrs. A to marry Mrs. B so that he could have happiness. Mr. A says that he has a right to happiness and that he had to take his one chance when it came. Since Mr. A did this once, he may have the same reason to divorce Mrs. B in a year or so for the same reason.

Lewis argues that this right of happiness doesn’t make any more sense than a right to be six feet tall or to get good weather whenever you want to have a picnic. Lewis writes about the Law of Nature and how the laws of the nation are based on this law. Having a right to happiness does not mean that a man has the right to do whatever he has a right to according to the laws of the nation.

I agree with Lewis when he describes how Mr. A’s action is an offense against good faith, against gratitude, and against common humanity. A man has no right to happiness if his action takes away the right of happiness of another person. By divorcing his wife, Mr. A hurt Mrs. A and took away her happiness. Love and happiness is a choice we all have to make. Before marriage, a man and a woman marry choose to marry because they are in love. In marriage, a husband and wife choose to love because they are married. This brings long-lasting happiness in a marriage and makes the bond stronger.

One thing that I disagree with in this work of Lewis is the fact that Lewis does not mention that we must follow the law of God to be happy. God’s law forbids divorce so if Mr. A can pursue happiness as long as he does not disobey God. Living in sin will not bring happiness. This is why unbelievers in this world search and search to find happiness in earthly things, but nothing can satisfy fully. Our pursuit of happiness must not be selfish, but it must be sought in love for Jesus Christ and others. God wants us to be happy. In Psalm 100, we are commanded to serve the Lord with gladness. Our pursuit of happiness will be fulfilled when we truly desire the love of God.

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