Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show & Tell

Today we had show and tell about something that had to do with what we had talked in class. Some people brought quotes, Bible passages, videos, songs, or various objects. I showed a You-Tube video called “Miss Teen USA South Carolina 2007.” This is a true, funny video of the short speech Miss Teen USA after she won. She gives a speech, attempting to sound smart, educated, and caring about the world around her, but she utterly fails and embarrasses herself in front of the whole nation. I thought that this video tied in very well with what we talked about in Our English Syllabus. In this work of Lewis, he emphasizes the importance of learning. He acknowledges the importance of having knowledge in many different subject areas. In the video I showed, we see that if one does not have good background knowledge about the world around him, others will look down and laugh at that person. Education is more important than beauty.
Check this video out at:

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